Security for Businesses

Security for Businesses
Security for Businesses

Professional locksmiths do more than just locks and keys, and offer a large number of different services in other areas of property security such as:

Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control systems monitor and control who enters the building as well as monitoring who in and where people are.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems take away the hassle of carrying around several keys for all your business locks. You can specify which keys open which door.

Security Grilles

Security Bar or Grill can be fitted on any door or window, and add extra protection if anyone attempts to break in.

Security Gates

Security Gates are similar to security grilles, but can be fitted on any door or window. The difference is the gates can be opened and closed upon entering and leaving the building, manually by a key or automatically.

Security Shutters

Security shutters are good for keeping your building protected and can be fit on any window or door. Will usually come with a key fob to allow opening and closing


Supply and Installation of any CCTV Cameras can be provided by some Licensed Locksmiths.

Fire Doors

Fire doors can be fitted by a locksmith to secure the safety of your building.

Door Closers/Openers

Door Closers and openers are a great way to ensure that your doors close properly, so your business is protected if you forget to close a door.


Burglar alarms are a significant deterrent when it comes to Business security especially when you’re not at the premises.

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