Keeping Safe On Social Media: Some Tips

Many people are now “hooked” into using social media daily, but beware giving away too much information to criminals such as revealing that you are going away on holiday or on business, even just overnight stays at a gig or visiting friends. Staying safe on social media

You may want to show off your new birthday or Christmas presents on social media but why would you want to advertise the fact that you now have a new smartphone, laptop, mountain bike, camera, diamond bracelet etc for the potential benefit of burglars?

Your insurance company would certainly NOT be impressed!

Don’t advertise the fact you’re moving house

Selling your home can be done efficiently by using social media to advertise it, instead of going through the traditional estate agent or local newspaper channels. But again, be very careful. The same caution should be applied when selling surplus items via internet sites. Criminals spend time on the internet trawling for potential victims.

And sadly, there are as many scams as there are fakes: the fake goods “industry” is now bigger than the authentic one for countless goods such as clothing, footwear, sports goods, perfumery and cosmetics.

Worryingly, security products advertised online which purport to be genuine and may seem cheap, but are frequently made in some dodgy overseas factory and are virtually worthless.

The general rule is: if it seems too good to be true, it almost always is!

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