Safes Frequently Asked Questions

Safes Frequently asked questions – Firstly, what can I use a safe for?

  • A data safe – to keep electronic data such as back-up tapes or CDs/DVDs safe.
  • A fire safe (wanting to ensure documents for example are safe from fire)
  • A safe to keep cash and valuables

If the latter then what rating do you require? How much are you going to keep in it?

Your insurer will normally specify a cash/jewellery rating you require.

You may see some remarkably cheap safes in DIY stores but have they been tested to any standards?

Get a proper safe specified and installed by your specialist locksmith. Fitting is vital, you can have a good quality safe but if it isn’t fitted then thieves can take it with them.

Should you need a safe repairing then a Locksmith will also be able to undertake this job.

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