Key Cabinets For Safety And Security

Key cabinets for safetyKeeping keys out of the wrong hands is a big task when running a business, coupled with ensuring they are organised.

With that in mind, below is a fast and simple ‘Key Cabinet Buyer’s Guide’.


Security Key Cabinets for Car and Vehicle Keys

Vehicle Rentals, Car Showrooms & Fleet Management

If your business revolves around a large numbers of car keys which change hands frequently, you’ll want to choose a key cabinet with wider hooks and a deeper body. This will make it easier to store larger keys or bunches of keys, which can then be accessed quickly.

Look out for cabinets with a key deposit slot – that way, any number of people can deposit keys without having access to the rest of the keys inside and/or an electronic keypad locking.


Key Cabinets for Hotels, Offices and Estate Agents

Often, a key cabinet needs to serve as a key organiser as well as a security solution.

Hoteliers, estate agents and landlords are all key examples of people who could benefit from this kind of key cabinet.

Key cabinets are used pretty much anywhere; from showrooms to schools, hotels to hospitals or pubs to police stations.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a multi-national corporation with several worksites, a wide range of key cabinets are available designed to store anything from 20 to 2000 keys.


What types of key cabinets are available?

  • Key operated
  • Combination lock operated
  • Electronic keypad locking
  • Various colours and numbered key tags
  • Different sized hooks for different sized key


Holiday Homes/Apartments and Single Buildings

Not every business needs to look after a high number of keys.

If you run a holiday home or have another property at which you need to retain a key, don’t simply stick it under a flower pot, it’s the first place a burglar will look – this when you will need to use a key guard.

Key Safes are usually wall mounted and can store up to five keys.


Recommendations for choosing a key box/key guard

  • A key box or key guard can store up to five keys instead of using large key cabinet.  The safe key will keep your keys safe within a small, combination-guarded box or cache.
  • Key guards are typically installed on exterior property walls they allow landlords to let their holiday homes or apartments for short term leases without constantly having to be present.
  • The fitting of these key safes is important – they ideally need to be professionally fitted to a sturdy wall, and out of site.
  • Where possible look for 3rd party approval of your Key Safe such as Sold Secure, LPS or Secured by Design