How To Find A Reliable Locksmith Near You

There are currently no Government requirements to govern Locksmiths, however the Master Locksmith Association runs an ‘Approved Company’ scheme to help give consumers confidence in using a reputable company or individual when using a Locksmith.

Member Companies are required to meet certain requirements in order to become a member:

  • Apply and pass the standard level of a CRB check
  • Agree to regularly inspections on the quality of their work, as excepted by the organisation
  • Employ a qualified locksmith, somebody who has passed an exam.

Some Locksmiths do choose not to become MLA company members, and on these occasions it is always advisable to choose a company or individual who have credible reviews (found alongside online sites such as or ‘Find a Trader’) from other consumers.

Finding a Good Locksmith

One key point to remember is to always seek third party approval, for example using association like the MLA, and as above checking on various online sites to look at reviews and testimonials.

Check, if the locksmith claims they are approved or associated with certain approved associations know what is involved in being members.

Go Local instead of National Call Centres

‘Find A Locksmith’ offers homeowners to use a local professional locksmith, close by to you and will not direct you to a national call centres to hire a locksmith. These organisations often sub out work to anyone in the area, without necessarily performing full checks on them or knowing how good a job they’ll do, they can often also charge far more than a local licensed locksmith.

Recommendations and word of mouth is also a good way to find your local reliable locksmith, ask family or trusted friends if they’ve had lock work done, if so by whom and were they happy.

CRB Checks

In order for a standard level CRB check (or above) to be performed on an individual then they have to either be working in a “registered” job (e.g. working closely and permanently with children or the vulnerable) or be on the exceptions order for the rehabilitation of offenders act.

This means that it’s actually illegal for the majority of locksmiths to get standard level CRB (Criminal Record Bureau – Now the Disclosure and Barring Service) checks done. However in 2009, the Master Locksmiths Association changed the law to ensure all licensed Locksmiths were checked.

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