How to Choose the Right Garage Door: Tips And Tricks

Replacing/choosing your garage door is a major investment in home improvement. Make the right choice and it will:

  • add value to your home
  • make your home more secure
  • add to the visual appeal of the exterior of your home


How much does it cost to replace my garage door?

This entirely depends on the materials, finishes, level of security etc you choose. It also depends on the size of your garage door, which can be a single or a double door. Costs for the door and installation can range from £500 to £5,000.

How much extra does it cost to control it automatically with a remote control?

Most types of replacement garage door can be easily automated. Budget for £350 to £550.

Do I need to do anything to keep the door working smoothly, such as squirt WD40 into the mechanism?

Some moving parts of the garage door mechanism will need lubricating periodically with oil or maintenance spray. All DHF member companies provide their customers with a user information guide. This gives user maintenance information along with vital safety advice and other useful guidance to ensure your garage door continues to operate reliably and safely for many years

If the remote stops working, can I pull the door up and down by hand?

Yes – manual opening, closing and locking is easily carried out in the event of remote control failure (if, for example, the batteries inside the remote run down or there is a power cut). Every garage door installed by a DHF member will have been fitted with an external release mechanism (if the garage door is the only means of entry or exit from the garage). This allows you to easily operate the garage door manually. See the DHF user information guide, which is given to every customer, for more information and tips on what to do if the door does not respond to the remote.

If I lose the remote, or break it, how easy is it to get a replacement?

Make a note of the brand of the garage door or operator, then contact the DHF member company that originally installed your garage door – they will be able to provide you with a replacement remote promptly if the garage door installation was carried out relatively recently.

For older installations – 20 years or more – the remote and associated electronics may be obsolete, but a new aerial transmitter can easily be fitted and new remotes supplied. However, the door company may well recommend making a complete inspection of a garage door installation of that age to check its operation and safety.

Will the garage door stop automatically if it meets an obstruction – I am thinking about the safety of the door.

All garage doors supplied and fitted by DHF members incorporate safety features that ensure the door halts its travel if an obstruction of any kind – a car or a youngster – is detected in the path of the door.

Note there are garage door systems on the market without this vital safeguard, but DHF members will not fit them.

Can I obtain a replacement garage door in the same colour as my front door?

Garage doors are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes – your DHF member installer will be able to source a garage door that matches your exact requirements.

Will my new garage door need an annual service?

It is recommended that to ensure the long term reliability and ease of use of your garage door, it is serviced regularly – just as you do with your car.

Your DHF member installer will recommend the ideal service interval for your garage door, propose a suitable service plan, and advise on cost. Further information on maintenance is included in the DHF user information guide left with every customer.

What sort of garage door will help save space inside the garage?- I’m thinking of some sort of door that folds away into the ceiling space when it is opened.

There are several garage door retraction mechanisms that can be used. Ask your DHF installer to carry out a site survey of your garage so he can recommend the most suitable product to meet your particular need.

What guarantee/warranty does the DHF installer offer and how long does the guarantee last?

Choose your garage door, accessory, or installation from a DHF member and you will benefit from a warranty and a DHF-backed aftercare service to give you complete peace of mind. Under the scheme all products, accessories and installations come with a two year warranty.

Any products seen to have manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced by the installer, who may include the manufacturer in the process of reaching complete customer satisfaction.

In the very unlikely event that a DHF member ceases trading or any issue not being resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the DHF will arbitrate and help resolve the problem.

All DHF member companies, as a condition of DHF membership, agree to co-operate in this dispute resolution process by providing any information in its possession which may reasonably be requested by DHF.

I have changed my front door and want to repaint my garage door to match. Is it possible to repaint my garage door?

Every DHF member company leaves a user information guide with their customer, and this details the considerations that need to be made regarding repainting, or staining, the door.

It also advises on cleaning and waxing garage doors that are supplied in a fully finished condition (GRP and plastic doors, for example).